There are many different bars and pubs in Tallinn. Most of them situated in the old town. Tallinn is especially rich in Irish Pubs. (Molly Maolones, - near the Town Hall square, St Patrick's - near Hollywood, O'Malley's - on Viro street etc) There are several "no-special-theme" bars and pubs, a lot of them situated near Karja street. Bookmark and Share


Activities in Tallinn

Lap Club


The group is picked up from anywhere in Tallinn and taken to safe no-rip off gentleman’s club

VIP Casino tour


Upon arrival The group s given a short tour around casino. It offers Roulette, Blackjack, Oasis Stud Poker Baccarat, Texas Hold`em, Omaha, 7-card stud, 5 card stud poker. There are also state of the art slot machines, multilevel jackpot systems - Fort Knox, King Kong Cash.
Participants need to present passport or driver’s license, age restriction is 21. Please dress smart casual. Casino is open 24 hrs



Every year we take hundreds stag parties on the bar crawl. The groups come from different walks of life and often have different preferences, so one group thought this place is fantastic, but to another group different venue will hit the spot. Some like it posh and refined, some like to see places off the beaten track to feel the vibe of the city. To ensure everyone’s satisfaction we have this opportunity for the group to create their own bar crawl. On our standard bar crawl our guide takes the group to three venues and then finishes at reputable topless bar. In order to plan a good night out we ask the group what types of venues they would like and roughly how long they would like to spend in each one before moving on.

Night Club


Vip listed entrance with transfer, guaranteed entry, no queue

Return Airport Transfers


One of our friendly female English-speaking guides will meet the group at the airport arrivals hall, holding the sign with lead guest’s name. The group will be taken to their hotel. If the plane is late the guide will wait for the group as long as necessary. If the flight is delayed significally, the guide will leave the airport and return to collect the group once the flight arrives.



There are 22 bowling lines in the complex; 6 people per line, bar and other amusements available. The game is 2 hours, shoe rental included.

Tequila Show


Why not extend VIP dinner at the beer garden or even plain bar crawl in the same gastro pub by ordering tequila show?
The girl presents herself topless, laying on a restaurant table vividly decorated with line pieces, salt and tequila shots. The group is drinking shots, licking off salt off, well, from were it is and finishing off with lime bits
One 0.7l bottle of tequila included.



Curling takes place at large Ice Hall, participants are getting all equipment and instructor. The game with instructor doing a crash course first lasts 2 hours. The group is advised to wear warm clothing! There is a cafeteria and sauna on site.

Outdoor Paintball


Outdoor Paintball
Includes: old military base + 100 paintballs
Min group size 6

Indoor Laser Tag


Infinite ammo, no bruises, no personal protection equipment needed to wear, otherwise same as paintball



Challenge your competitive instinct!!!

This is a Silverstone of GO-Karting - fast engine karts, on a concrete track hosting pro events.

KGB Experiance


For KGB action several 3-4 uniformed KGB agents would stop the group during driving or going somewhere, round everyone up, single out the stag, interrogate him and then “arrest” everyone and take them to the place of your choice – for example a strip club, next activity.
This short version of KGB experience can be extended by group, once “arrested”, taken to disused Tallinn prison and checked in there, then given a tour around prison including cells, solitary confinement cells and interrogation rooms.
The prison closed down not too long ago, so still has very authentic feel about it.

Sniper Package:-


Takes place at the police training shooting range in the centre of Tallinn. The group will get the inducted, after each shooter will be provided with individual target.

Basic package includes shooting Makarov pistol, Glock pistol and Pump Action Rifle.
The package can be further upgraded with Magnum Revolver, Kalashnikov, and M16 Rifle.

Indoor Paintball


This is a RE-Ball version of paintball (please see explanation video). The team is getting Unlimited balls, for 7 games!



A Tour with our Segways provide you with the most unique and fun way to enjoy the magnificent architecture and view of Old Tallinn without boring walking, using the most modern personal transport system available.

The tour is guided by instructor.

Beer House Dinner


The guests are taken to this Bavarian-style beer house right in the Old Town. It is very large with many areas and themed to match German Oktoberfest style.

Football Pitch Hire


Indoor field size is 34m x 17.5m, goals 2x3m. Comfortable changing rooms, sauna.

Includes: Full use of facilities

Sailing Cruise


Sailing adventure on a historic wooden ship, which took part in Shetland Bus operation.
Today the group can have one and a half hour sail around islands near Tallinn whilst served fisherman’s lunch during the cruise. Willing ones can take part in manning the upper deck and get their hands on running the ship. This is a large vessel, so there might be other organised groups on board. In bad weather there is enough space on lower deck to shelter everyone.

Tree High Ropes


It is a „tree climbing” activity. On growing trees there are barriers fastened in various heights that are constructed from ropes, nets, and many kinds of little bridges, swings, logs and ladders strained between trees. There are 46 barriers placed in total that are divided into four paths depending on difficulty level: green, blue, red and black paths. Café is available on the venue.

Medieval dinner


Takes place in medieval restaurant, with all staff costumed accordingly and small band playing medieval instruments. The menu is authentic medieval dishes.
The dinner consists of three course meal and one tea or coffee, ice water.

Sea Kayaking


Having a one hour guided expedition on kayaks around Tallinn harbor, seeing big ships and a view onto Old Town from the sea.



The newest indoor karting track in Estonia. Up to 6 drivers per race. Group gets induction, special protective gear and coveralls. Clean racing time is 16 minutes per person. The track has an electronic timing system, after the race operator hands out the printouts with results helping to analyze driver's skills.

Attention: Participants will be breathalyzer. Please avoid drinking before activity

Moto Paintball Assault


This is a bit different paintball game – one team takes defending position in a field, their objective is to safeguard a flag or base. Then the opposing team is making a motorised assault using “Armoured Personnel Carrier”, driven by one of the instructors.
They can shoot on the move from embrasures, then they need to disembark, retrieve and objective and retreat using the same vehicle.
After each round the teams switch their positions.

Rescue Fastboat


Rescue Fastboat 30 minute adrenaline ride



Takes place in well established clay shooting centre under close supervision of qualified instructors.

All groups are provided with shotguns, cartridges, ear protectors and instructor.

Night Limo tour with stripper


Enjoy 1 or 2 hours limousine trip around town with champagne and on-board erotic show. The party can be dropped off at desired nightclub or gentleman’s club

Includes: One stripper on board,
5 bottles of champagne

Available Limo (depends on group size):
Lincoln Navigator: 6-11 pax
Hummer: 12-18 pax

Stag Stripper Dinner


Would you like to surprise your friends with something truly special?
This is the right service for you! Imagine having a three-course dinner in the most fashionable restaurant in Tallinn at an elegantly decorated table, which is reserved especially for you in the VIP section. The dinner starts off with local welcome schnapps and professional dancers who will give you a really entertaining show, paying particular attention to the stag !

Strip Limo transfer one way


One of our friendly female English-speaking guides will meet the group at the airport arrivals hall, holding the sign with lead guest’s name. The group will be taken to their hotel in limo and, if necessary, the luggage will follow in a separate minibus. If the plane is late the guide will wait for the group as long as necessary. If the flight is delayed significally, the guide will leave the airport and return to collect the group once the flight arrives.

Sauna Party


Two hours party in one of the city saunas, strip show and two lagers each.

Quad Biking


The route is laid out over disused military base. The group is taken around on a safari by experienced instructor, taking on some obstacles available – sand pits, steep climbs and descents, water obstacles etc.

Protective gear is provided.

Stag Yacht


There are different types of yacht available, all sailed by experienced captain. The type of yacht depends on group's size. One stripper joins the party, and five bottles of bubbly are provided.
Includes: 2 Hrs, Stripper, 5 bottles of champagne

Ice Hockey


The group is getting all equipment, uniforms and then instructor provides a crash course in playing Ice Hockey. The whole event takes 3 hours. There is a cafeteria and sauna on site.

Stag Arrest


The stag is arrest, handcuffed and blindfolded. He is transferred by the “special unit” car to the gentleman’s club, chained to the dancing pole. Then the blindfold is removed to discover that his entire group also travelled to the club as well to continue the party. The stag then gets special treatment from dancers. The details of kidnap procedure vary depending on location and will require a certain level of cooperation from at least one member of the party to help set the stag up and also to control his crowd during the arrest. The rest of the group needs to be aware the arrest is a hoax. To arrange this we will need to liaise directly with person in charge, most often best man, to agree on plan and provide us with signature on our indemnity form.

Hen Nights Stag Nights